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Earn credit

High school credit program

As the only international travel organization to be accredited by the Commission on Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA), the Middle States Commission on Elementary Schools (MSCES), and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, EF offers girls the unique opportunity to earn credit while traveling abroad.

In order to earn credit, girls are required to prepare for their trip by reading several fiction and non-fiction sources and completing pre-trip coursework in travel journals. On tour, girls must fulfill a photo assignment and several standards-correlated travel journal assignments. Upon returning, girls are required to write essays on the books they read, answer reflective questions associated with their trip experience, and complete two thematic essays. In total, the credit program requires at least 100 hours of coursework, which equals the equivalent of one semester’s work.

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College credit program

Through a unique partnership with Eastern Washington University's International Field Studies Program, EF is able to offer troop leaders and girls the opportunity to earn valuable academic credit while traveling. Earning academic credit with EWU enhances every part of the educational experience—before, during and after your EF trip. All courses are from accredited academic institutions. Credits are fully transferable and will be documented on an official transcript.

Eastern Washington University's Eisenhower Center was established to provide students and teachers who are participating in educational travel programs with the opportunity to increase their understanding and tolerance of foreign people and places, develop self confidence as world observers, and expand their appreciation of higher education as a vital partner in achieving future goals.

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