Girls take the lead

On an EF tour, girls play an active role in the tour process. Taking on responsibilities and being engaged in the process is a powerful way to gain leadership skills that will benefit them long after the tour has ended. In alignment with the Girl Guide mission to grow leaders of Courage, Confidence and Character, we aspire to give girls the opportunity to grow through our international programs. Just like in Girl Guiding, we want girls to use travel as a way to build their skills in the following areas:

Goal Setting
The first step is for girls to set the goal of an international trip and figure out how they are going to accomplish this goal.

Decision Making
Girls will need to agree on what kind of trip they want to take, and then decide together where and when they want to go.

Money Management
Girls learn important financial skills including budgeting and financial literacy. They can set a budget for the tour, taking into account things like tips and activities not included in the itinerary.

Business Ethics
Planning the money-earning strategy is a great way to learn valuable business skills and enforce how the girls are honest and responsible in every business activity. Business ethics also reinforce the positive values each girl is developing.

People Skills
Learning how to talk to, listen to and work with all kinds of people is such an important life skill. Girls will develop these skills before tour through money-earning events and promoting the tour with other girls. On tour, they will interact with different cultures, perhaps in a different language, strengthening their communication skills and global awareness.

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