Let’s talk about you for a second

As a group leader, selflessness can feel like part of the job description. But let’s take a moment to consider how traveling with EF can impact you—as a leader of travel experiences for your girls, and yes, as a person, too.

Enjoy world-class travel rewards

Start earning Global Rewards Points as soon as you start enrolling girls. Then redeem them after your first tour for incredible rewards ranging from conventions—in places like the French Riviera, Rwanda, and South Korea—to personal vacations in the destination of your choice to travel scholarships. For even more exclusive opportunities, we also offer unique, “only at EF” travel experiences in conjunction with some of our special partners. (Think: VIP access to the Tour de France or our Ashridge Executive Education program housed at EF’s very own castle.) 

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Experience a tour before you lead one

Once enrollment is underway, first-time Group Leaders are welcomed to the EF family on a free training tour to places like Paris, Panama, and Berlin. There, leaders learn from both EF staffers and Global Education Ambassadors (experienced Group Leaders who often serve as mentors throughout the planning process). Our training tours give you a taste of what your own tour will look like—and most importantly, make you feel prepared and confident before you lead your girls abroad.

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Put on your future-thinking cap

While you’ll walk away from tour with many tangible rewards, the most important one is the life-changing impact you’ll make on your girls. You’ll help them prepare for the future by helping them learn more about the world, themselves, and their place in the world. Plus, they just might get their first taste of authentic gelato. And that’s also truly life-changing.

One more thing

For every six girls you enroll, you get a free spot on tour. That means you can travel for free and bring along your dream team of chaperones. Oh, and you might suddenly become the most popular group leader in your area.

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