Outdoor Adventure Tours

Thrill-seekers, risk-takers, and nature lovers, these outdoor adventure trips are for you! From zip-lining through the jungle in Costa Rica, spotting stunning wildlife on safari in South Africa, to snorkeling the vibrant barrier reef in Belize—there is no shortage of outdoor adventure travel with these environmental wonderlands.

In a world full of smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles, adventure getaways are a vital piece of development for girls today. That’s why we’ve designed tours to put their curiosity into action and expand their world perspectives as they explore the beautiful outdoors in breathtaking destinations.

Girls take the lead

Every girl gets to play an active role in their experience. Taking on responsibilities and being engaged in the process, from beginning to end, is a powerful way to gain leadership skills that will benefit them long after their tour has ended.

Learn how you can give your girls the opportunity to take the lead and learn skills like goal setting, decision-making, money management, communication and global citizenship.
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Resources that go the extra mile

We provide resources that let girls reflect on their experiences and take them a step further—before, during, and after their tour.

Personalized learning: Every tour comes with a personalized learning platform that taps into each girl’s passions to help her put a more personal lens on the trip.

College readiness: An EF Tour for Girls is a perfect opportunity to write about on a college application. That’s why we created the UnCommon App, a series of guided exercises to help girls write standout admissions essays.

High school and college credit: EF is an accredited educational institution, just like a school. Girls can earn academic credit by completing coursework as part of their EF tours.

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Source: Trip evaluations, Travel years: 2019 and 2021

Group Leader benefits

Selflessness is in your nature. But let’s take a moment to consider the benefits that you’ll receive as a Group Leader.

Hundreds of destinations. Endless possibilities.

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