Hotels & accommodations on tour

You'll spend most of your time on tour exploring and learning, but you should also know what to expect when you settle in for the night.


A good night’s sleep is important, so travelers can count on safe, clean and comfortable hotels with private bathrooms. And rest assured, we inspect every hotel personally.

Please keep in mind that groups may not all be roomed next to each other and may be on different floors. Some hotels may be located outside the city center.

Also, some common differences from North American hotels include:
  • Rooms are usually smaller and have multiple single and/or shared double beds (read more on rooming)
  • Rooms seldom have air conditioning or televisions
  • Not all hotels have elevators
  • WiFi may not always be available or only accessible in the lobby
Please note: If your tour involves a Greek cruise, you’ll receive specific details about those accommodations later.

Overnight trains

Overnight trains are another fun and efficient way to travel from one city to another. To ensure a smooth journey, there are some important details to be aware of.
Travelers will stay in a self-contained compartment called a couchette. By day, a couchette seats six people on a pair of bench seats facing each other. At night, the seats fold away and convert into bunk beds. Each bunk is a padded platform that includes a pillow, sheet and blanket which you arrange yourself. Additionally, each bunk has its own reading light.
You normally sleep in your clothes, except for removing shoes. Think of the overnight train experience like sleeping on an overnight flight. Shared bathrooms are available at the end of the corridor.
There is very limited luggage space on an overnight train. All bags need to fit into your couchette and will be stowed under the seats and on a rack above the window. With that in mind, please make sure to pack light if your tour includes an overnight train.
On rare occasions, couchettes may not be exclusive to EF travelers and may be mixed gender. Single rooms and private bathrooms are not available on overnight trains.

Overnight ferries

Overnight ferries are a fun and efficient way to travel from one country to another. To ensure smooth sailing, there are a few important things to keep in mind:
  • Girls will room 3-4 to a cabin. Adult travelers (age 20 and older) will share twin cabins with adult travelers of the same gender (with the option to upgrade to a single cabin). If twin cabins are not available, adult travelers will room 3-4 to a cabin. Double beds are not available on overnight ferries.
  • Cabins are exclusive to EF travelers.
  • Basic cabin amenities include air conditioning and a private bathroom.
  • The services offered onboard vary by ship, but all ferries include a self-service restaurant, Internet access and shops.
  • There is very limited luggage space on overnight ferries. With that in mind, please pack light if your tour includes an overnight ferry.