We’re an education company first

Experiential travel is simply how we bring learning to life. At EF Tours for Girls, we’re always expanding what we show travelers so they can expand their world perspectives. Our itineraries are engaging, girl-centered, and—above all else—fun. Because empowering a personal journey for every girl who travels with us is just as important as handling the details of their physical trip.

How do you measure the immeasurable?

Girls experience deep learning and personal growth when they travel with EF, and these incredible outcomes help prepare them for everything that’s ahead:

Source: EF Tours for Girls trip evaluations, travel years: 2019 and 2021

From travel to transcript

We provide resources that let girls focus on reflection and dive deeper into a topic they’re passionate about to take their experience a step further — before, during, and after their tour.

High school and college credit
EF is an accredited educational institution, just like a school. That means girls can earn academic credit by completing coursework before, during and after their tour.

The UnCommon App
An EF tour is the perfect opportunity for girls to start thinking about personal essays for their college applications. That’s why we created The UnCommon App, a series of guided prompts and exercises that will help them write an essay that will stand out to any college admissions officer.

EF’s Personalized Learning Guide
Our Personalized Learning Guide creates a more engaging learning experience by helping students put a more personal lens on their tour. And it’s available for free—contact your Tour Consultant for more information.

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EF is accredited, just like your school

To broaden the opportunities for our Group Leaders and travelers, we team up with current and former teachers, global education advocates, and impactful organizations across the world. EF echoes our customers’ commitment to education. It’s why we design tours that complement today’s classrooms and it’s what allows us to meet the same rigorous standards as schools like yours.

“It’s fun watching confidence being built as they navigate new experiences.”

Rachel K., Group Leader

Building Group Leader confidence, too

We celebrate learning in all forms and applaud you for being just as curious as the girls you inspire. That’s why we prioritize your development too! From free training tours, to educational symposiums, to amazing rewards, you will join a network of passionate people who understand the benefits of international travel.

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Impact that lasts

Learning is all about making connections—whether it’s between different opinions, the past and the present, or a place and the people who live there. EF tours are specially designed to spark these connections, giving girls like Alexis the confidence and cultural awareness they need to take a different direction in life.

Let’s expand the way girls learn