Council trips

How we connect with councils
Councils choose to work with us in many ways, but they all have a similar
goal: to assure girls and parents that Girl Scouts provide a safe and positive
travel opportunity. If you are a Troop Leader, talk to your council about the
tours they may be running. There may already be a tour in your area. Here’s
how councils partner with us:

Council-sponsored trips
Councils and service units have been organizing membership-wide travel
with us for years. When you partner with us to run your entire travel
program, you’ll ensure that girls of all ages and interests have an ideal
journey to look forward to.

Does your council want to sponsor a Girl Scout destination? We’ll take
care of all the logistics. For example, a council in California planned India
for a destination and traveled on our “Incredible India” tour.

Alumni travel
Our adults-only alumni trips re-engage Girl Scout alumni to the council and
reconnect them with Girl Scouts. These alumni are helpful in the future as
travel volunteers for the council.

Troop travel
We make travel accessible and affordable for troops of all sizes, providing
you information and helpful ways to encourage signups. Our guaranteed
lowest price means even the smallest troop can travel.

Girl-led opportunities
We know that being girl-led is an important aspect of any Girl Scout experience.
That's why all of our tours provide ways for girls to be active participants and
to gain skills such as leadership, consensus-building and financial responsibility.
EF also offers a fun and engaging learning experience through an online platform
called weShare

Council Relationship Manager – Kayden Manning
Kayden works specifically with council staff and travel volunteers to help plan
a travel program that fits your council’s specific needs and interests. To learn
more about the amazing travel opportunities you can offer to the Girl Scouts
in your council, please contact Kayden at

Interested in leading a tour?