Product and craft sales


Girls can make ornaments such as suncatchers, butterflies, or dragonflies to sell.

Craft sales at farmer's market
Girls prepare during the spring making crafts and then sell at a booth at a farmer’s market during the summer. Some examples include homemade candles or sachets for drawers. In addition they can do plant sales.

Make a game for your town. Invite different organizations to "buy-in" to the game and sell at Christmas or during another holiday season. No out-of-pocket money is needed because you can get a company’s donations in order to make the whole game.

Make breads to sell as teacher gifts or for family/friends. Can be holiday, end-of-year, Valentine’s Day, or around any other time. Pre-sell so that you don’t waste money on extras. Girls can make small or regular sized breads. Suggested selling price: $5-$10.

Make headbands or feather clips. Purchase supplies inexpensively at craft stores and sell for $2 each.

Girls can design a 12-month calendar. Adults can ask companies to sponsor each month (girls can draft the letters) and by making the donation to the council they can be tax-deductible. Get a company to donate/offer a discount for making the calendars for additional savings. Suggested price: $13/calendar.

Community cookbook
Collect recipes from members of the community and include great photos. You can do this around a theme or they're good to sell any time of year.

String backpacks
Make these out of bandanas and sell for $10-$13 each (upfront cost is approx. $2-$3 each).

Use your local resources. Do you have any parents/girls that are great designers? Have them create some dresses to sell.


Please remember to check with your local council for specific sales guidelines.

Check with your town and local sports teams, universities, and community colleges about setting up concessions. You can also set up outside a local grocery store. Adults can also work at concessions at sporting events.

Bake Sales
Perhaps make these holiday-themed, but the key is good snacks and at busy places! You can also try accepting donations instead of having price tags per baked good.

Invite friends and family to "buy" something off your menu. Some examples include "lunch in Paris" or T-shirt souvenir. A unique way to entice others to give money to help your girls see the world!

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