Events and workshops

Father/daughter dance
Host a father/daughter date night with a theme. You can charge per couple and provide donated food/decorations/etc. Suggested charge: $15/couple or $7/additional girl. Make flyers to advertise and even sell/give-a-way patches!

Mother/daughter tea party
Invite adult women (ie through the council, local schools, garden clubs, etc). Find local bakers (to donate/make fancy tea cakes, etc) and ask for donations. Charge an entrance fee. In addition, sell the center pieces – perhaps a local florist would be interested in helping/donating or your girls can try their flower arranging skills! 

Corn maze/haunted maze
Buy hay (approx. 600 bales) and put together a hay maze! During the day, it can be a maze for families and young kids and at night can become a haunted maze. Suggested charge per person: $5 or $10. Sample profit = $10K 

Yard sale
Get donations, advertise by word-of-mouth for both buyers and donators! Include a bake sale, silent auction and donation jar to increase revenue. Be sure to have lots of signs, pick a good day, and try to get a free ad in the local newspaper. You can also try a "donation-only garage sale". 

Girls can ask friends and family to sponsor a "moment" on tour. The girls will take a photo of themselves at the sponsored locations and write thank you notes with the photos to all the donors. Some sponsored moments could include: visiting the Eiffel Tower ($10), posing with the statue of David ($15), and visiting St. Peter's Basilica and looking for the Pope ($20).

Roller skating party
Rent the roller skating rink or ask for it to be donated. For example, you can charge $5/entry and the rink could give you $2/entry. Definitely try to have concessions, or maybe even patches to purchase. 

“Taste of Europe”
Get local restaurants to donate food or make your own (include foods from the countries you are traveling to). Include a silent auction (get donations) and find a place to host the event for free (i.e. church, local community center, or even a hotel). Sample Profit = $1500 

Themed dinners
There are many different themed dinners you can try depending on what appeals to your community. Here are some examples of successful fundraising dinners from our Group Leaders.
  • Celebrity Dinner - invite local celebrities (i.e. police chief, dentist, favorite high school teacher, etc.) Attendees can buy a table (i.e. larger/local companies) or one ticket. Waiters can charge for forks, wine, napkins, food, etc.
  • Get out of Jail Dinner - people pay money to attend and then pay money to "get the girls out of jail".
  • Mystery Dinner, 70s or Rock and Roll themed dinners - girls can babysit, wait tables, and make food for the meal.

Juliette Gordon Low Bash
Girls can teach attendees about the history of “Daisy” and attendees can earn badges. Allow girls to purchase badges at the event for an additional profit. Leaders can pay the troop to run the program. 

Styling station
Host the event at a well-known and free location (i.e. council office, church, school). Girls set-up a styling station and charge an entrance fee per girl for attending the workshop (ex. $10/girl). Girls receive a badge to help entice attendance. Sample profit = Approximately $60 spent to set-up the workshop and made a profit of $1300. 

Workshop examples

  • Sweet Shop (make candies, cookies, etc.)
  • Pet Care
  • Amazing Race
  • Jewelry making
Earn a badge program
This is a great leadership opportunity for older girls to host an event for younger girls. They can plan the activities and deliver the training/badge workshops.

Outdoor Skill Days
Find local troop leaders that can teach badge workshops on outdoor skills and science.

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