Walmart car wash
Walmart donates the water and matches what you raise. Get in early to book your slots.

Babysitting service
Girls should get First Aid certified and then check with local hotels/events to learn if they need babysitting for upcoming events.

Offer to cater council/other organization events and advertise with other groups.

Parking attendants
Girls direct parking at local events. This can work at a local game, at an event at the fairground or a festival that comes to your town.

Bottle drives/recycling
Collect bottles and recycle them for money. Ask your local bottle return store if you can set-up outside their store. Partner with a company where you can return electronics in exchange for money. Girls can be active in preparing the items to ship back during collection times.

Coat check
Find a local event that might need a coat/bag check. Staff the area and ask for a donation or create a price for the service (ie $5 for one day, $8 for 2, etc).

Host a birthday party
Girls can do the set up and clean up and run the activities at a child's birthday party.

Face painting
Offer to do face painting for birthday parties or at local fairs, concerts, family-fun-days, etc. Ask for donations.

Flamingo Flocking
Set-up a "flock of flamingos" in someone’s yard. Offer a price to send them away. You can also offer people the option to buy insurance. You can do this for months – even get in the news! Try this website:

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