EF’s Personalized
Learning Guide

Personalized learning powered by your travelers’ curiosity



Our Personalized Learning Guide creates a more engaging learning experience by helping travelers put a more personal lens on their tour. And it’s available for free—contact your Tour Consultant for more information.

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Travelers learn on a deeper level when what they’re learning connects to their own lives.

EF’s Personalized Learning Guide makes sure it happens on tour.

Powered by travelers

Before, during, and after tour, our Personalized Learning Guide taps into each traveler's own passions and interests. Whether they’re excited by ancient history or modern architecture, it connects their interests to your destination and helps them develop an essential question to investigate while traveling. Post-tour projects let them reflect on and share what they’ve learned, and even earn academic credit (which looks great on college applications and resumes).

Designed by educators

EF is fully accredited, and our Personalized Learning Guide is built for real educational impact. Our all-star teaching staff created the guided learning model and accompanying rubric to help travelers hone critical skills such as communication and cultural awareness. As a leader and a mentor, you can let your girls work independently or help them along the way—it works how you want to work.