Unconditional support

Traveling with EF means having a dedicated support team by your side every step of the way. We take care of everything so that you can enjoy the travel experience of a lifetime. Here’s a look at your support network:

Dedicated EF Tour Consultant 
Your dedicated consultant will guide you through the entire planning process, make recommendations and oversee the management of your tour.

Council Relationship Manager 
The Relationship Manager works with all of the Councils helping them create travel programs that will offer annual tours to the entire membership of girls. She understands the individual needs of every council and works with them to figure out the best type of travel for their region supporting them throughout the tour planning process.

Traveler Support Specialists
Knowledgeable and friendly representatives will help your travelers and their parents with financial transactions, insurance coverage and tour activity questions. 

Tour Director
Your personal, bilingual Tour Director will be waiting for you the moment you clear customs to take care of every on-tour logistic. From hotel check-ins and meal reservations to local insights and recommendations, you’ll be in good hands.  

Expert local guides
Your expert local guides ensure you and your group gain knowledge and insight during each guided tour. With academic degrees in architecture, art and history, these natural historians are passionate about educating you and your girls about their city and culture.