Rooms & roommates

All hotels that work with EF are required to meet rigorous standards for quality, safety and cleanliness, so you can count on safe, clean and comfortable rooms with private baths.

Student rooms

Students (aged 19 and younger) are automatically placed in rooms of three to four people of the same gender. Students will be assigned rooms with travelers either from the same group or from other groups with whom they are traveling. Since hotel styles and accommodations vary among destinations, rooming assignments are made while on tour and travelers who share a room in one city may not do so in the next. Student rooms may contain single beds, double beds that are shared by two students or a combination of the two. Students may upgrade their room type to twin or single at an additional cost.

Adult rooms

Adults (aged 20 and older) are automatically placed in twin rooms with another adult of the same gender. Adults will be assigned a roommate either from their own group or another group with whom they are traveling. Adults who wish to request a specific roommate may do so with their Group Leader. Couples rooming together may request a double room at no extra charge, and adults may upgrade their room type to single at an additional cost. Families of three who wish to room together on tour may request family rooming through their Group Leader, though not all hotels can always accommodate this request.

Rooms on overnight trains and ferries (when applicable)

For tours with overnight trains and ferries, sleeping compartments are very small and there are no single or double rooms. Adults and students will sleep in couchette cars of up to six beds that fold down from the wall. Couchettes may not be exclusive to EF travelers and may be co-ed. Bathrooms are typically located outside the sleeping compartments in the corridor.

Ferry accommodations vary depending on the tour. Generally, adults and students room in cabins of up to four beds.

Upgrade requests

Any traveler who wishes to change their rooming type should submit this request to both their Group Leader and EF’s Customer Service team at 800-665-5364 no later than 110 days before departure. Please note that there are no single or double rooms available on overnight trains, overnight ferries or tours to Africa.

Room assignments

It is the Group Leader’s responsibility to submit rooming assignments for adults and any students with upgrades by 110 days before departure. Group Leaders can submit these assignments using the rooming form found on their Group Leader website.

Room types

Student rooms: Three or four student travelers in single and/or double beds
Twin rooms: Two single beds (students may pay to upgrade)
Single rooms: One single bed (adults may pay to upgrade)
Double rooms: One double bed (adult couples may request)