Transformative lessons out in the world

Our educational philosophy is simple: the best way to gain new perspectives and build skills for the future is through experiential learning. Combining experiential learning with the thrill of travel, our tours help girls discover more about themselves, create connections with other people, and take action to make the world a better place. When girls grow in these ways and develop these valuable life skills they become more curious, open-minded, and more excited about the future.

Preparing girls for success

Throughout their travel journey, girls will encounter real-world situations where they will practice leadership, collaboration and global citizenship.


On an EF tour, girls play an active role in the tour process. Taking on responsibilities, making decisions and being engaged in the process is a powerful way to gain leadership skills that will benefit them long after the tour has ended. 


Girls work together at every stage of the planning process to execute their tour. They research destinations, design excursions abroad and organize activities to raise money to help fund their trip.

Global Citizenship

Through experiential learning, girls are exposed to deep cultural, social and economic differences which help them develop a greater understanding of the world and the people in it.

Community Action Inspiration

International travel is often a life-changing experience for girls. They gain a deeper understanding of culture and encounter unfamiliar situations that help evolve their perspective on the world. Sharing stories with locals, participating in a service project, trying new foods, speaking a different language – these are all transformative moments that can be used to inspire a community-driven project. Girls can apply what they've seen and learned to an issue that they're passionate about.

Resources for a competitive edge

We provide resources to help girls dive deeper and get the most out of their travel experience.

EF's Personalized Learning Guide

Girls learn on a deeper level when what they're learning connects to their own lives. That's why every tour comes with EF's Personalized Learning Guide, a personalized learning experience powered by your girls’ curiosity. Using EF’s guided learning model, they will use their strengths to investigate an issue or topic that inspires them. Then they reflect on what they've learned through a post-tour project that gives even more meaning to travel.

School Credit

EF is an accredited educational institution, just like a school. That means girls can earn academic credit by completing coursework before, during and after their tour.

The UnCommon App

An EF tour is the perfect opportunity for girls to start thinking about personal essays for their college applications. That’s why we created The UnCommon App, a series of guided prompts and exercises that will help them write an essay that will stand out to any college admissions officer.


How do you measure the immeasurable?

*Source: EF Tours for Girls  2018 Survey Data

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